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Some of the Stove Brands we can order are Lennox, Dimplex, Vermont Castings, Breckwell, Morso, Valor, Enerzone, Rais, Ecoteck, Dutchwest, Rais, Wittus, Thelin, Century and more.
  The beauty and efficiency of stoves, whether you prefer coal, wood, pellets, gas or electric make them an excellent choice for keeping your home warm and lowering your heating bills. No matter your preference, stoves are ideal for conserving energy by zone heating the central living space of your home more effectively than a standard fireplace.
There are a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. They are as easy to use as they are efficient. Some models can be controlled by a thermostat or remote. To determine the best type of fuel for your needs, check out the information below or come in to speak to our experienced staff. To get a feel for which will fit perfectly in your home, schedule an "in-home" consultation so we can help you make the best choice.
We're The Stove Experts in The Hudson Valley Area
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Wood Gas Pellet Electric Coal
• Renewable, natural resource
• Pleasure of burning wood with sounds and smells
• Works without electricity
• Easiest to use and control temperature
• Technological features
• Burns the cleanest
• Recycled natural and renewable resource
• Easy to use and store
• Burns cleaner than wood
• Plug into any outlet
• Realistic flames & embers with or without heat
• Portable space heating
• American resource
• Can burn for an extremely
long length of time
• Works without electricity
Similar to stoves and fireplaces, there are also different types of inserts. At Hudson Valley Chimney Service,
we offer wood, pellet, gas and electric fireplace inserts. Each of these appliances has their benefits and every one
of them will improve the efficiency of an existing fireplace. Whether you are looking for a high-tech gas burning insert
or an eco-friendly pellet insert, we can help you choose from the many options that will fit your needs.
Wood Burning Stoves - more about wood stoves
wood burning stoves at our stove store
If you enjoy the ambiance of a wood fire, there are two types of wood burning stoves to choose from: catalytic and non-catalytic. Non-catalytic stoves need to be tended to like a typical fireplace and produce a dramatic, visually appealing flame. Catalytic wood burning stoves might not offer as charming a fire but they can burn throughout the night without being stoked. Whichever your preference, today’s stoves now exceed the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. They are an environmentally friendly and efficient way to heat your home. To choose which best fits you, call our experts for advice.
Gas Burning Stoves - more about gas stoves
gas stoves at our fireplace store
If you prefer ease and convenience, then a gas stove may be perfect for you. Gas stoves can come with high tech features such as remote control operation or easy to use thermostats. There are two main types for you to choose from, either direct vent or vent-free. The most popular are direct vent stoves because they produce the most realistic flames but they require minor installation for venting configuration. Vent-free stoves, on the other hand, are more energy efficient and do not require any venting configuration. As a result, vent-free stoves can be placed almost anywhere in a room or open area. Both offer a clean and effect method for warming your home. To learn more, call us and speak to one of our specialists.
Pellet Burning Stoves - more about pellet stoves pellet stoves at our fireplace store
If you want a more environmentally friendly flame, then consider a pellet stove. Pellets are made of recycled wood pieces, from bark to wood shavings and wood chips. The way in which the pieces are compacted together removes moisture from the wood allowing pellets to burn hotter and cleaner than regular wood. They can be purchased at big box stores and local feed shops. They come in bags that are easy to carry and store making them as hassle-free as they are environmentally friendly. Learn more about the benefits of a pellet stove by talking to one of our sales professionals.
Electric Powered Stoves - more about electric stoves electric stoves at our fireplace store
Electric stoves require no venting, and since they don't "burn" any fuel they run very clean. No soot, creosote or smoke to contend with. With the flip of a switch you can turn on instant ambiance in any room. These stoves can provide good space heating for a room or if you would like to enjoy your stove on a summer night you can still enjoy the realistic flames with the no-heat setting. Move the stove from one room to another easily, these electric stoves usually only require a plug into normal household outlet. The flame technology truly is amazing with the realistic log sets, flickering flames and glowing embers.
Coal Burning Stoves - more about coal stoves coal burning stoves at our fireplace store
If you would like to use an American resource to heat up your home, then you’re in the market for a coal burning stove. Though less widely used, anthracite and bituminous coal are extremely price stable and produced right here in the United States. Since coal can burn without reignition for up to 18 hours, coal burning stoves are excellent for heating your home. The main difference between a wood and coal stove is that coal requires a draft from underneath the coal bed to burn whereas wood can burn with a draft from the side of bottom. As a result, coal stoves have a grate that simply needs to be shaken out between uses to maintain the draft. Come look at our models to get a sense for how this stove might suit your needs.
Our experienced and friendly staff can help you learn more about these stoves and select the heating solution that is right for you
Wood Stoves • Gas Stoves • Pellet Stoves • Electric Stoves • Coal Stoves
Hudson Valley Chimney Service offers a wide selection of Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts and Stoves
from these and many more well known and respected brands. Give us a Call at (845) 471-0789.
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Some of Our Brands include - Stoves, Appliance, Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts by Lennox, Vermont Castings, Breckwell, Morso, Dimplex, Valor, Enerzone, Rais, Ecoteck, Dutchwest, Rais, Wittus, Thelin, Century and more - Gas Logs by American Gas Logs, Golden Blount, Peterson, Monessen, Hargrove and more - Mantle Shelves by Premier Mantles, TM Wood, Fireplace Fronts, Pearl Mantles, Andalus Stone, Hyde Park, Fires of Tradition and more -
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